# Entries

ENTRY FEE:      $10 per entry      REMIT PAYMENT TO: Ralph Russo      1554 Onyx Dr.  #403 Tysons Corner VA 22102

Zelle - Use      Cash App - Account name is $crdshrk

YOU CAN USE PAYPAL USING:   or  If you use Paypal, please make sure and adhere to the following:

1)     Do not put any comments in your payment saying this is related to a POOL.  PayPal watches this and has frozen funds they know are for pool entry fees.

2)     Make sure and use the Friends and Family method that DO NOT CHARGE FEES!  Please check the amount you are sending and revise if not $10 per entry.  I will reject all payments less than $10 if I can.  If I cannot reject the payment, I will request you send me the difference.

 EMAIL CONTACT:                    ENTRY DEADLINE: Thursday, March 21st, @12:15pm Eastern   

Database entry timestamp will be used to determine eligibility - each entry receives a timestamp once submitted.

INSTRUCTIONS:  For each entry, pick six (6)  teams from the grid shown below - fill out Entry Name and Email (Aliases Ok - Not preferred) and then click on Submit Entry.  Enter as many times as you wish.  DO NOT USE #'s in the Entry Name -  the system will append an entry number automatically if you enter multiple times.  Please submit a valid email address as this is the only way to communicate with you.  

SCORING: Scoring is straightforward.  For each round the team you pick wins, you get:  Their seed number times the round number they win - (ie a #12 seed wins their first rd game 1 x 12 = 12pts.  Second Rd 2 x 12=24pts for a total of 36pts.)  The NCAA tournament has 6 rounds.  The highest overall score wins - ties split the position they tie for.

NOTE:  Play-in games do not count towards scoring. If you pick a play-in game team, you have whichever team wins that game for rd 1.   Good luck and thanks for playing!